Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tea Party

I was recently developing a colorway for an Asian themed stocking and thought it would be great to do one inspired by my love of tea.

I drink tea almost daily. I love the ritual of steeping the tea leaves in my traditional Chinese iron pot, waiting for it to cool to just the right temperature, the aroma of the brew that always seems to match my mood. (Maybe that's because I have a different blend for almost every day of the month. I know there is a Wool Hoarders site, perhaps I should look into a Tea Hoarders?).

As I was dyeing this though, my daughter came in to talk to me, asking what I was going to dye today. When I told her probably something about tea, she insisted that I do a Tea Party and proceeded to pick out all the colors. Of course, they are the epitome of a little girl's tea party with all her dolls and her imaginary friend, Jeanette.

Soft gold, princess blue and girly pink with hints of light purple throughout.

I just hope Jeanette likes it as much as my daughter does.

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