Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wood Floors

I adore small towns. This area is full of them, which is one reason I love living here. There is a tiny town outside of Albany called Sharon Springs. Population around 520.

I told you it was tiny.

It's a quaint Victorian town with one main street, full of inns and local merchants and craftsmen. There are plenty of farms around too, and we had the chance to visit one this weekend. Friends of ours have a farm there where they raise goats, chickens, a couple of sheep and one very cute llama who is full of personality.

They have a garden that I can only dream of and rolling hills as their view. It's just about perfect if you ask me. The kids had a blast with the animals and climbing in the hay loft. The farm house was, "much more beautiful than our house" according to my daughter. She was right of course as kids often are in their unbridled, frank honesty. It was a great weekend getaway, with a fun drive up, a great visit with friends and the chance to explore a place we had never seen.

This colorway was done for our friend, made in a blanket for them as a thank you for a fun weekend and to keep them warm in the winter in their 200 year old house. The idea for it came from my favorite part of the farm house, the floors. Original to the house, wide plank wood stained so dark that it looks black at night and the darkest pecan I've ever seen during the light of day. Worn and gorgeous, I'd live there just to have those floors.

The colorway is contemporary, Think Restoration Hardware meets antique charm. It's rough and tumble in it's personality, but ultra soft and plush like all Tickety Bu items are. It's called Wood Floors.

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